PDR Demos

The following dent repair videos demonstrate Dent Concepts’ proprietary methods of paintless dent repair.

Traditional PDR or Paintless Dent Repair famous for fixing hail dents, door dings and other minor dents, which are meticulously massaged out from the backside of your vehicle panels. Our highly skilled technicians use specialized metal tools which remove each dent with accurate and precise pushes until the entire vehicle is returned to its original appearance.

Fixing hail damage is costly and time consuming with traditional methods. You can never prepare for your vehicle being caught in a hail storm, but Dent Concepts Paintless Dent Repair processes offer quick turnaround and maintain the integrity of your factory finish.

Glue-pulling is a fairly recent aspect of PDR that has quickly gained in popularity thanks to advancements in equipment and the quality of the glue. If done correctly, it can be used to remove dents in areas that tools can’t get to, such as the edges of panels or along roof rails.